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Our services include day & evening janitorial services, carpet & tile floor cleaning, vinyl floor stripping and waxing, and construction cleaning.


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Day & Evening Janitorial Services

Facility Services and Management has specialized in professionally cleaning commercial real estate in Colorado for the past two decades. Whether day or night, large or small, FSM has you covered. We will keep your building clean and sanitized and your tenants safe and happy. With hundreds of thousands of square feet being cleaned daily, ranging from under 5,000 square foot bank branches to 100,000 square foot single and multi-tenant office facilities, we have the experience needed to custom tailor the right cleaning package for your needs.

Carpet & Tile Floor Cleaning

Whether it is a large facility needing a total carpet and/or tile cleaning or an isolated incident, we have done it all. We use our own trained employees for this and only subcontract in isolated cases or when our team is engaged with another project and the situation is urgent.

Vinyl Floor Stripping and Waxing

Although they are not as prevalent as they were 20 years ago, there are still many vinyl floors in workspaces and those in high traffic areas need care and attention. Whether it is a light polishing or a complete strip and wax, FSM has the equipment and trained personnel to meet your needs.

Construction Cleaning

Post construction cleaning is another service that FSM provides professionally and affordably. This includes both internal and external cleaning for facilities of all size. Each of these projects vary greatly based on the depth and amount of construction completed as well as the size of the facility and the layout of the grounds.

Current Portfolio

Our Current Portfolio includes amongst others:

Medical Office Buildings

Bank Headquarters and Branch Locations

Federal Contractor Facilities

State and Local Government Facilities

Single and Multi-Tenant Office Facilities

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