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20 years of successfully serving the Colorado marketplace
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Don’t lose sleep by hiring the wrong cleaning company.

As a property manager or owner, it’s important that your facility is clean and sanitized for your clients, customers, and employees; however, your busy schedule makes it impossible for you to oversee the cleaning yourself. We know that you have more important tasks to do rather than worrying about the cleanliness of your facility at night. Yet this can become a pressing and time-consuming concern if you hire the wrong cleaning company. Maybe you’ve tried one cleaning company after another only to find yourself feeling dissatisfied with the results and frustrated by the lack of professionalism. Now’s the time for you to look no further and to get back to business.

To get the job done right you need the right cleaning company.

You need a cleaning company that you can rely on to be professional, responsive, and affordable so that you can focus on the myriad other tasks and projects that you are faced with on a daily basis. Choose the right company and free up your time to focus on other priorities.


Excellent response time


Reliable services


Guaranteed professionalism

We understand your cleaning needs.

At FSM, after 20 years of cleaning and servicing commercial facilities, we understand your needs whether you are a property manager or owner of the facility you occupy. We provide reliable, affordable, and professional cleaning services that are , above all, responsive to your needs. As a locally and veteran-owned company, we worry about the details so that you don’t have to.

Getting started is easy:

1. Schedule a free consultation at your facility.

During this meeting we will familiarize ourselves with your facility and identify any specific needs you have above and beyond the traditional cleaning process.

2. Get a prompt draft of the Scope of Work.

If your company doesn’t already have a scope of work, FSM will work together with you to develop one within just a few business days to make sure that we clearly understand your needs and any unique desires.

3. Receive a written proposal.

Within 3 business days of finalizing the Scope of Work, you will receive a written proposal for the cost of services to be provided.

4. Schedule a review and make adjustments

We will schedule a review within 30 to 45 days of the beginning of services to make sure that your needs and expectations are being met and make adjustments for any items identified during the review. Afterwards, we will continue to actively communicate with you regarding any issues or additional requests that come up.

Who Are We?

At FSM we know that you want to be a smart and successful property owner or manager who knows they are getting the best service at an affordable price. To do this, you need an experienced cleaning company with a proven track record of professionalism and responsiveness. FSM has been serving the Colorado Market for 20 years and prides itself on professional and reliable service at an affordable price. We are locally and veteran owned and have provided services ranging from commercial properties in excess of 100,000 square feet down to single bank branch locations. In addition to commercial office facilities and banks , FSM has been responsible for cleaning government facilities, medical properties, churches, and DoD secured facilities. We pride ourselves in customizing solutions to a client’s needs and quickly responding to any questions or issues that arise. Our process includes an onsite visit to familiarize our team with your property followed by prompt deliveries of a detailed scope of work and pricing proposals. We also schedule a formal review within 30 to 45 days of the beginning of services to make sure your unique needs are being met. This way, you can dedicate yourself to more important matters and leave the rest to us!

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Book a free consultation at your facility and receive a written proposal.

Our Services

Day & Evening Janitorial Services

Facility Services and Management has specialized in professionally cleaning commercial real estate in Colorado for the past two decades. Whether day or night, large or small, FSM has you covered. We will keep your building clean and sanitized and your tenants safe and happy. With hundreds of thousands of square feet being cleaned daily, ranging from under 5,000 square foot bank branches to 100,000 square foot single and multi-tenant office facilities, we have the experience needed to custom tailor the right cleaning package for your needs.

Carpet & Tile Floor Cleaning

Whether it is a large facility needing a total carpet and/or tile cleaning or an isolated incident, we have done it all. We use our own trained employees for this and only subcontract in isolated cases or when our team is engaged with another project and the situation is urgent.

Construction Cleaning

Post construction cleaning is another service that FSM provides professionally and affordably. This includes both internal and external cleaning for facilities of all size. Each of these projects vary greatly based on the depth and amount of construction completed as well as the size of the facility and the layout of the grounds.

Vinyl Floor Stripping and Waxing

Although they are not as prevalent as they were 20 years ago, there are still many vinyl floors in workspaces and those in high traffic areas need care and attention. Whether it is a light polishing or a complete strip and wax, FSM has the equipment and trained personnel to meet your needs.